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Level Financial



The unprecedented increase in homeowners defaulting on their mortgages has forced banks to foreclose and liquidate their real estate owned properties ("REO") at significant discounts. Level Financial (LF), a Southern California real estate investment firm is focused on acquiring REO properties to reposition and sell for substantial profits. LF provides a vehicle for investors to partner with the group’s principals; leveraging their market knowledge, construction experience and real estate contacts to capitalize on this unique opportunity. The operating principals have extensive experience in all phases of real estate: property evaluation, acquisition, construction, project management, finance and sales.

Investment Objectives

  • Acquire REO properties at significant discounts.
  • Preserve invested capital through value added construction and rehab work.
  • Economically reposition each property to maximize future sale price.
  • Six months turn-around time between purchase, rehab and sale of property.
  • Target investor returns between 10% to 12% per transaction.

LF understands the success of their investors ultimately determines their success as a company. LF has a vested interest in the successful rehabilitation and sale of every property, and takes every possible precaution to insure the security of your investment. LF investors enjoy peace of mind knowing there is an extensive due diligence process in place to minimize risk.